Nobody Told Me (signed by the author)

from Hollie McNish

Nobody Told Me (paperback edition) is a book mixing memoir and poetry on parenthood
by Hollie McNish

To celebrate this Mother's Day, I have 50 copies of Nobody Told Me that I will sign and write a message on for you / your mother / the mother of your children (pretending it's from her children) etc!

These will be on sale only until Monday 13th only, to be posted Tuesday 14th.

The book will be £10 plus postage with all profits going to the charity Homestart:

(profits for the standard £10 price are £5)

PLEASE NOTE: If you want a message, not just a signature, please click the Buy Item button, which will then give you the option to 'send Hollie a message'. Let me know the person's name, what you'd like written or the rough tone / occasion and I'll do the best I can!


Some Reviews for Nobody Told Me:

"Top Ten Parenting Books", The Independent

"The World Needs this Book" The Scotsman

‘searingly honest. . . will make you laugh and cry with her’

‘highly refreshing and original’ THE BIG ISSUE

‘This book is just totally and utterly brilliant’ JUNO

‘a fascinating and honest read, at times heartwarming, and at others heartbreaking, but always beautiful’

‘A love story to midwives’ GUARDIAN

‘Funny, thought-provoking, clever and hugely moving. I absolutely loved it’

If you know anybody who is a new, or newish, parent (especially mothers) this book about McNish’s experience of being a perfectly imperfect parent would be especially good. It’s a big book but it’s one you can dip into: part diary, part poetry, all brilliant. Touching but not wimpy.

‘The things no one tells you before you have a baby are numerous – Hollie McNish turns them into epic poems about the transformation of your body and Mr Whippy vans. You’ll learn a lot’ GRAZIA

‘Nobody Told Me offers an insight into the shared, unspoken experiences of many mothers. McNish describes Nobody Told Me as “All the things I couldn’t talk about.” It feels like time that we started talking’

‘Every new parent should be given a copy of this book before they leave the hospital!! I truly mean that!!’ Amie Hotchin / Mum

‘As the father of a 10 week old boy, it had me crying on the tube during my commute’ Benjamin Rosenberg / Dad

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“I can’t take my ears off her” Benjamin Zephaniah
“Moving…wonderful” Radio 4 Woman’s Hour

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